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Interesting, Ms_P. I know about alopecia in humans but never heard of it in dogs. A human usually sees a dermatologist for this condition . There are animal dermatologists now, I've heard. Probably few and far between, though.
This may be totally different in dogs, but often times humans are treated with cortisone topicals (steroid creams, lotions or ointments), or cortisone (steroid) injections to the affected sites. Alopecia can occur due to inflammation around the hair follicles (for a number of reasons). The cortisone helps decrease the inflammation allowing new hair growth. This only works in non-scarring alopecia, I believe.
I couldn't find the info on the vet treatment Etretinate.

I bet Nate, ilovesadie's boyfriend could offer info, as he is a vet tech. I think Angel5218 is also.

Good luck with Koke. :)
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