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Wow, you found some good info.
I have a male that is blue-his mother was not a blue, but his father and his grandmother are blue.
I have been told by other breeders never to breed a blue to a blue, because of color mutations.
One problem that I can see, is that if the mutation you found info about, does not appear until 2-3 years, you may have bred and had litters of puppies with the dog. It specifically says not to breed, but by that time it may be too late.
Unfortunately, the blue coloring, even 3 years ago, was a VERY RARE color, but now we are seeing more and more of the blue coloring. Does that mean that breeders are breeding for the coloring or are we as breeders not be careful enough and diluting the genes by too much line breeding for color. I have even seen the coloring of Blue Merle, now in a is not a recognized color-how did we get to that color without diluting the gene pool
Thanks for your info-hope you have good luck with your treatment. Do keep us informed... :wave:
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