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Color of Miles

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My Miles is a tri-color- mostly black and white with a little tan around his face and under his chin. Are tri-colors unusual? He is my first Chi and I love him to death. Just curious??
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I'm definately no expert, but I don't think tri-colors are unusual. I have seen quite a few of them and they are probably my favorite colored chi's. I'd love to see some pics of Miles! :wave: :D
Being a 2 x tri-color mommie I can say they are NOT unusal! :wink:
Yeah probably not. There are quite a few on this site. And now your baby is a new addition to this cool site.
Yeah that's pretty common, and quite pretty too! My lil guy is white with a just a light tan/cream spot on his back.
Cody is a tri-color too. He gets lots of compliments. :D
Black tri color is not unusual... Gadgets dad is a tri color and I have seen a lot of them around.
i think they are in fact quite common :wink: please post some pics of miles :D

kisses nat
Ihave a try color nope they arent unusual
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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