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Confirmation People- Slip lead in Chi size?

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I have had no luck with auntie google so I figured I would ask here. I am looking for a slip lead that fits a chihuahua. I have this for my other dog- Just-a-Cinch

It obviously is way too thick to put on a chi but the only comparable thing I can find is those super cheap slip leads you get from groomers and vets. I need something a little more sturdy/nice looking than that. I know they must exist because people who show small dogs all seem to have slip leads.

The only reason I need it is for moving her from a crate or x-pen into the agility ring. Slip leads are really the best option for agility rings- everyone uses them because the dog has to run naked (or at least without anything dangling off the collar) and then the slip lead is fast on-fast off. So any ideas guys?
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Have you tried Etsy?
They have a few.
I forgot, I've seen them at PetEdge too.
Stella, do you make paracord bracelets too?
Yes yes I'd like to see pictures too, if possible, please.:p
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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