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Cooper's having a photo shoot!

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So I spoke with a chick that got her chi from the same breeder that I got Cooper from today. She's a photographer - you can see her chi, Maya, at Maya The Magnificent.

Anywho, I asked Jen (Maya's mom) if she would take photos of Cooper for me and she said yes! So we are going to wait a couple of weeks until Cooper's hair grows back in from his surgery (it's about 1/2 way there now) then arrange a photo shoot in the DFW area (she's in Bedford, TX).

I'm thinking I want her to get some of him outdoors since the basic charge for natural light is cheaper than BYOL (that's Bring Your Own Lights) but I'm not sure what kind of shots I should get of him.

I told her I just want to capture his personality and that he's happiest when he's sniffing and exploring but does anyone have any good ideas? We'll probably go to a park somewhere in the DFW area (Bedford sits between Dallas and Fort Worth, closer to FW) and I guess I can just let her grab some shots of him doing his thing ... I don't know.

We're also going to let our chis play together. If anyone else is in DFW and wants to come out and play with Cooper and Maya, let me know and I'll see if Jen minds!
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wow she takes really great pictures. i love that one with the wings.
I love the lighting in her photos of Maya. Her use of natural light in the more "candid" photos is great. Now I'm curious about what she'll do with my boy.
That sounds great! I love the pics of Maya, especially the markings round her eyes....cant wait to see some of Cooper! :D :wave:
awwww Coopers gonna be a model for a day . Her pics are really good , i bet she'll get some good ones of cooper.

I think outside in a park type enviroment would be a lovely setting for the photo shoot! :wave:
Ohhhhh let me know when,,,,,i would LOVE to meet Cooper! And you too of course! :) I'm only 2 hours from Dallas! Oh course i work mon-fri...blah!
I think it doesn't matter what Cooper is doing as far as "good pictures" goes, because his has a very expressive face and a good photographer will capture that easily. Ooohh i can't wait to see those pictures!!!
I love her Maya pics! I especially like how she photographs just the ears or the bottom of the paw. Unusual but it really works. I bet you and Cooper will have a blast. Can't wait to see those pics. :wave:
Ohhhhh let me know when,,,,,i would LOVE to meet Cooper! And you too of course! :) I'm only 2 hours from Dallas! Oh course i work mon-fri...blah!
I'll let you know ... maybe we can do it on a Saturday so it's convienent for you. :D OmaKitty says she hopes you don't mind that she won't be there but she has better things to do with her time than to spend it with Cooper.

I may take her up there and let her stay with her grandma in Granbury (outside FW) while Cooper makes sweet love to the camera. 8)
Oh it sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to see those professional pics of your boy. I bet they turn out sweet.

Those are great pics. My favorite has to be the one in the sombrero - that is just too cute.

Look forward to seeing Cooper's new pics. Too bad it's too late for all the Texas wildflowers. Saw some pics once of a chi in a field of bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes and Indian Blankets, and they were just beautiful.
I didn't even think of doing it this year, mainly because I live in the city so we don't get many bluebonnets here. Next year, I'm going to take Coop out towards Johnson City where there's an abundance of wildflowers and snap a few photos - I might even "steal" my dad's hoity-toity camera to do it with!

I'm such a freak - I even have that on the calendar on my computer to pop up in March to remind me and another one in April. :D
awww just that pic of Maya's paw! awww those photo's were fantastic!
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