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Trieste she is so sweet she makes my teeth ache. Just the cutest thing around. LOVE her!!!!
Tracy, thank you. You are so sweet. She is a mess and I love it!

I can certainly see why she has a fan club. :love5:

Since Aunty T can't see anymore ;) I'm sending little Ms. Cora a pretty dress. :)
Oh Teresa, you are one of the kindest people i know. Thank you so much! It really isn't necessary. She will love it though and so will I!

She is absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to see her when her hair comes totally in she is going to be a beautiful long coat :)

Isn't it funny how the smallest of dogs attracts so much attention. I think everyone in our apartment complex (10 buildings) knows who Jaxx is because they have seen him or have heard about him from other residents. He has a lot of people that he thinks he has to see on a daily basis. If I do not stop by the property management office at least every couple days I get told that it is mean to keep him away for so long.
Thank you so much! It is funny. I have been asked so many times where to get one like her. She has such a personality, there are no others like her. Ha ha. She is constantly on the lookout for someone to socialize with. Then of course there's the one's who "wouldn't have a dog that small". She draws attenetion whereever we go though.

She is my first LC, I am very interested what to expect as far as her fur. Will her fur come in thicker?

Thank you!

She's simply beautiful :)
Thank you so much!
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