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Corky got a clean bill of health!!

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Corky's antibiotics were out on Sunday so I have been watching him like a hawk worried of relapse of the Coccidia and Giardia. Yesterday the vet said they wanted to go ahead and give him his second set of vaccinations since we were leaving on vacation and they wanted to do a fecal on him. His fecal came back clean, he had gained a pound and was a happy healthy little man! He is so active and happy, it is hard to beleive that two weeks ago, he almost died. He is my little onery fighter!

So now we are headed out to vacation on Saturday and I have all of his goodies packed up and waiting to go. I hope he likes the ride!!!

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Heather , that is such great news :D :D

I bet he is gonna love his vacation 8)
hope you have a great vacation im thinking about taking mine all on a lil hol
YAY! :thumbup: glad everything is well!! have a great time on ur vacation!!! :wave:
that makes me so happy that he is healthy and out of the woods....

Hope you all enjoy your vacation...

give him hugs for me....
That's great news! :wave: I hope you all have a super time.

Safe trip. :)
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