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Could he have a Buggy in his ear?

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Sturgis is scratching at his ear. I looked, I smelled nothing. I flushed it out cleaned it with a long tip QT.all seems well but hes scratching at it or shaking his head
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hmmm could he have a build up of wax deep inside... or water in their? Or irritated skin...eczema? Maybe he has an ear infection?
yes there is wax build up I am flushing again as we speak. he doesnt seem in pain Or i'd drag him to vet. he seems irritated lol
ow bless him lol... have you tried the wax ear drops... that dissolve the build up... or is that what your using already?
He could have an ear infection. If so, they are usually red. After you've left it alone for a while :wink: check to see if it is red. If so, he'll need to go to the vet. Callie gets ear infections quite a bit for some reason. :?
Gadget scratches at his ears and I know it is time to clean them... I clean them and he stops.. I would get him looked at by his vet... it might be an infection if he keeps doing it..
Also, Yeast infections are real common in puppies. It is a fungus, so it takes a special medication from the Vet to get rid of it. :eek:
LOL I FOUND OUT WHAT IT WAS :oops: A piece from the belly band was rubbing against the base of his ear. he was trying to scratch it away. well he has really clean ears now :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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