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Could I Register Chico?

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I'm embarrased to say this, but when I got Chico, I was oblivious about purebred dogs and I feel I didn't ask the proper questions when I got him. The person I got him from only spoke Spanish, so my husband did all the talking. I saw 2 other Chi's with Chico, but didn't even ask if the parents were on site or if he was registered or anything. (I was to overwhelmed and overjoyed about getting him :) ) I didn't recieve any papers from the breeder, but from all of Chico's features and his personality, I'm 99.9% sure he's pure.

I was thinking of studding him, because a lady my mother in law knows wants to breed her female Chi. I don't want to be irresponsible about this, so my question is, is he supposed to be registered in order to stud him? After reading some of the posts on here, I can see you are all experienced and know exactly what to do, so your advice and opinions will be very much respected and appreciated by me.

I just want to know the right way to do this, and if I should really do it at all? I'm not looking for a profit or any money out of this, but instead just want people to experience the happiness that comes from having a Chihuahua. I spoke with this lady who wants to breed her female chi, and told her I wasn't interested in a pick of the litter, because frankly, I'd get attached and I can't have another dog in my So, could I still register Chico and should I stud him at all? :?:
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:wink: The only way to get Chico registered with a reputable kennel club (AKC, CKC=Canadian Kennel Club and the UK one) is if his parents were registered. The CKC (Continental Kennel Club) registers anything with fur and 4 legs so their "pedigrees" are pretty much worthless. :wink: I would say do it if you're keeping a puppy but don't do it if you can't. I'm pretty sure you'll get more opinions on this :wink: .
I agree with Vala completely. Of course even if he's registered you're better off making sure he's very close to breed standard before using him at stud. That is just for the good of the breed and ultimately it comes down to personal choice of each individual owner. A good friend of mine breeds her doxies and sells the puppies cause their registered and as far as she's concerned that's good enough. Since we've been friends forever it's something we've agreed to disagree on because we value each other.
Thanks...Chico's parents I don't think were registered...I didn't even see his parents when I got him. There's not way for me to contact the person I got him from either because I found him through a newspaper ad. Oh well, if I can't register and stud Chico, no biggie...he's my baby and it doesn't matter, not like I'll love him any less. I'm perfectly content with not being a "grandma." lol.
Yeah I agree completely with that. I'm up in the air about Marcus at the moment also but if I decide to neuter him it won't matter in the least cause he's my darling.
Yeah I wouldnt stud him , I mean like you say you dont know what his parents are like etc so you wouldnt know about hereditpry conditions etc :wave:
Yes, I don't know anything about his background, and after reading more on here, I see the background plays a HUGE part in breeding. I am most definitely not studding Chico now. the last thing i want is a litter of puppies, or even just one puppy, to become sick because i wasn't sure of his background. it's better he stay a pet, and if i decide to stud it will be with a different chi, years down the line, after i have done a lot of research and self-education on the matter.
wise decission the other factor is what about the female is she papered or AKC. Just because a dog is AKC does not make it breedable. If you have an AKC or registered pup from any registry and it has pattella problems, or any other genetic problems unknown to you you certainly wouldnt want to breed it. do yourself a favor fix him unless you plan to show and you cant do that because he is not papered
well, at first i didn't knw anything about her female. she saw chico one day with me at my mother in laws, and she goes "oh, i have a girl, we should breed them." after i learned more about her, i can say that, no her female is not registered, and in my opniion, is to old to breed even if she was registered. 8 is old for a female to breed, right?

and if by show him you mean a dog show, then i couldnt do that even if he was papered...he's to wild and i could see him jumping all over the other i plan on fixing him, i'm just nervous about it because he's so small. i was in hysterics when my cat got spayed! my animals are my babies.
I myself am not a thriller of fixing I dont plan to breed them. However, I want to show and in order to show they cant be fixed. if any It would be Lady. but not with my males. If i had to yes I would fix them. Daytona is very good when Lady goes in and I keep her away from them. if i breed her again I want her to have her studded by a much smaller male. I did Breed her once with Sturgis she has short nose and legs he has a longer nose then she. I figured her nose would compensate for his and they would be nice pups. Turns out she had 1 pup it was too big for her to pass.
and I am heartbroken at the loss of the pup, but very thankful it was just the pup that was lost and Lady is healthy and fine.
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