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Could it be a allergy?

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Hello it is me again...sorry I have so many questions....

Since we got Jax he has always been a itching, biting, licking himself a lot. I did not think a lot about it at first but we have tried to keep him from biting himself a lot.

Recently in the past day or two he has started scooting his bottom across the floor. I have only seen him do it twice but my first thought was worms.

The vet says he does not have worms and he seems to think it is a food allergy. We were going to change his food anyhow after he got used to us and had begun looking for higher quality food. The breeder was using a 4 star quality food (review from the website that someone was kind enough to give me on here.) but I would prefer to feed him a 5 star food that I know is the best quality food for him so we had begun researching.

I contacted the breeder where we got Jax and asked if he had these issues when they had him because he was on the same type of food there. The breeder seems to think it is a anal gland that needs to be expressed.

From everything I read dogs with the anal gland issue do bite their knees but they also tend to bite their bottoms and that is one area I have not seen Jax bite. His stool has been loose ever since we got him. It is not diarrhea but it is always loose and he tends to have 4 or more bowel movements a day. I have him on a fixed eating schedule and I figure that he would have a bowel movement after the two times he is fed a day but, he has one almost every time we go out and always wakes me up in the middle of the night because he has to go out and it is usually for a bowel movement as well. The vet said that these were all symptoms of a food allergy.

When I came home I also did some reading and it seems that it does point to food allergies more then the anal gland expression.

He bites his ears, elbows, knees, feet, but he usually does not bite his bottom, but as I stated I have seen him scoot it on a couple occasions.

If it is a food allergy should I mix the new food that I find with the old food like I normally would or is it just going to make him feel worse?

I am not someone that believes what dr's or vets say I am always going out and finding my own research to go with what they say. I was hoping though that the breeder would agree with the vet.

Does anyone have any experience with pet allergies or anal gland expression that could enlighten me if either of these issues could be what Jax is experiencing.
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Petflow is a great place to order food from, if you can't find it locally. Shipping is free over $49 and it is usually cheaper than buying in the store.
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