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I suddenly noticed it was quiet in the house, which is unusal with 3 cats, 2 dogs and a kid. Looked around Rocki was lounging in her bed, CJ was in the red chair playing games, the cats were off doing what. Probably trying to plan how they were going to conquer the world for all I know. Than it hit Daisy wasnt in the room.

I kinda paniced. I was asking my son if he knew where Daisy was and I got down started looking under the couch, chair, end tables, off to the kitchen no Daisy. After looking all downstairs, since the upstairs is closed off to the dogs. Cj was like Daisy is in her crate.

Yep there she was curled up in her bed sound asleep unknown to what was going on around her. When she felt someone was staring at her she opened one eye looked at us and went back to sleep.

And I thought kittens were great at disappearing.
LOL when Abby was a puppy couldn't find her...called, looked, then opened the door in a panic...she was curled up between door and storm door asleep...I woke her up..yes, she was that tiny and four months old....;)
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