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I would have pooped my pants! :eek: That is scary!
Glad Daisy is safe and sound. And in her crate on top of it, what a good girl.
I don't think Chanel would ever get lost, she follows me everywhere, even the
bathroom for crying out loud. I keep telling her "Do not worry, I won't fall in!" :rolleyes:

-giggles- I SO relate to that. I'm always telling Lacey, "Okay. You can wait under the desk. I'm just going to the bathroom" and as soon as I close the bathrom door, I hear her racing across my apartment. Then, her little nose can be seen in the crack of the door snuffling 'round trying to make sure I'm okay. Then I say through the door, "Okay, okay. The toilet didn't eat me last time, Lace. I'm certain it won't eat me this time, either! GO AWAY YOU CREEP!"
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