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Countdown...12 days

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...until Kylie's knee surgery. I went to TOPS again today and they said that for sure she needs it. They gave me three weeks to work with her to see if I could get the muscles around her knee cap to streighen but after three weeks there has been no change. I was really hoping there would be some change because I really have a bad feeling about this surgery.

I dont know if this is best for her. I know all the doctors that have seen her say she needs the surgery and that if she doesnt get it that she will have a lifetime of problems...and that would be bad because that is the only good rear leg she has. So I know that this surgery would be smart to get, but my worrie is that since her other leg doesnt work very well how will she recover. Her good leg is getting the surgery so how will she react when her good leg is hurting? Will she just shift her weight to her front legs and then stress her front legs out? Will she even walk on her leg after surgery?

I might be paranoid but I am not happy about this. It stinks too because since I dont work at TOPS anymore I wont get any rehab for free...and it is quite expensive to go there every week.

I have my rehab plan worked out already and I have all of her vitamins set up for after her surgery (Ligaplex I, Cosequin, Immuplex, Adequan, and Traumeel) but I am still freaking out.

I am calling that animal communicator again, the same one I called when Tequila had the exact same surgery. I figure it cannot hurt. I did it for Tequila and Tequila ended up healing that because of her rehab and vitamins, is that b.c of the communicator.....who knows but I am one that likes to cover all grounds :wink:

Do you all think I should go through with this? Basically the vet is saying if I dont that she will develop arthritus and she will eventually have more sever problems, but if she does go through the surgery there are the general risks of being put under (her not waking up :shock: ) and then after there isnt a guarantee of her using that leg again. Smaller dogs tend to not use the leg they had surgery on.
You would think I would be use to this by now, seeing that Kylie has had three sugeries on her one leg and Tequila had knee sugery, but it doesnt get any easier.

Sorry I will stop rambling...I dont know why I am so freaked out about this tonight.
Thanx for letting me vent :wink:
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i think it's best to go trough with the operation ! but i was thinking also how will she walk ....isn't she going to force the other leg to work too hard??
maybe it's best to secure both legs .......i think that will also minimalise the chance that she won't use the other leg afterwards.
that means total disability for her so you have to carry her so i don't know if that's an option ?
i'm just saying what i'm thinking i'm no expert :wink:
and also if you don't get the operation done...she will get pain in her leg and will not use it either ..... :?
i know such descisions are hard but i'm sure you will make the right one ....

kisses nat
have you asked other vets? when i was dealing with a lot of health issues in my pointer i got a lot of opinions about treatments and tests ect.... a lot of the times since i worked for a vet i got a lot of free advice as well....
I feel so bad for you, trying to make the best decision for your Kylie, and not liking any of your options. I would have the surgery done because all the doctors agree it's necessary. At some point you have to trust the collective wisdom and experience of the vets involved.

Take a deep breath and try to relax. You're going to wear yourself out and Kylie needs you to be strong. You know we're here for you. :)
Thanx :D
Yeah I have talked to three different clinics of doctors :wink: and all have told me the same thing.
Thankfully I will be working the day of her surgery. I am not going to be in the room when she has it done because I dont think I could handle working on my own dog but I will be there during her recovery. The ER techs also know she is going to be staying the night and promise to keep an extra eye on her :D I should feel better now that I work at the hospital and am friends with all the docs and techs....I was just having a meltdown the other day.
Thanx again for the kind words! Next update will probably be the night before/day of surgery
My thoughts and prayers are going to be with you guys :D
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