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Can chihuahuas get cramps? like i dunno if anyone has ever suddenly gotten a bad cramp in their leg or something :? For me, i am asleep and i'll get one and immediately get up and the only way for the pain to go away is for me to stand up.
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i honetsly think they do get cramps - when elmo was a new pup he used to just be sat still and all of a sudden would cry out in pain and lick his leg. Or it would happen when he was walking, running, asleep etc. At first it really worried me, thinking something had happened to him while i wasnt watching and he was really ill, but i honestly think it was cramp. It was something he grew out of quite quickly and i haven't seen it happen for at least 4 months.
Maybe growing pains, my daughter shot up real fast and her knees were weak and everything, took her to a knee guy and he said her ligaments were not catching up w/her growth spurt, just maybe our little guys go thru that too? :?:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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