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crate or no crate

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I leave my chi at home when I go to work. So she's in her large crate for 8 hours during the day.
Do you think it would be better if I gave her a room to play in or keep her in the crate. It's a large crate and I can fit her bed, wee pad and food in it. But I don't think she has enough space to jump and play.
We have an empty room so I was wondering if it's ok to put her in there.
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me personally that is too long to be crated, I gate mine in the kitchen they have access to everything they need and are safe PLUS God forbid I get held up somewhere they are not confined.

at night mine are crated but I am lucky if I get 6 hours sleep let alone 8 so they are not in there that long! :)
I usually have Lina in the bedroom when I'm planning on being gone all day. I turn on the TV and she has her crate and food/water and all her toys in there with her. It works out great because then I don't have to worry about her having accidents on the floor all over the house and she can't get into anything that might hurt her. When I'm just going to be gone a little while (across town or something) I usually just give her the house to play in lol. She's getting better about staying out of stuff and she doesn't chew as much as she used to. I don't think I could ever crate her for 8 hours...or even a couple hours. It's just not enough room for her to move and play.
8 hrs. is a bit long to be crated. So puppy proof room would be the best idea. But I find pups that have been crated to some extent are more patient adult dogs, and make better pets.
i think if its the safest way and she has room to go potty and have a ocmfy spot to sleep then shell be fine. i mean when your not home all shes going to pretty much do is sleep anyway.... especially sicne shes used to it. its not like she has to wait for you to get home to go to the bathroom. u can try the bedroom but i bet since shes used to the cage shed probably prefer being in there. i personally dont crate my chis they both have them but im too much of a wuss to do it. it makes me feel guilty but theres are tiny. i usually just feed them in their because they fight over food but they go in their by themselves a lot.
When Zeus was younger and I had to be gone longer then 2 hours, I would put his crate in the bathroom with the crate door open, and put a baby gate at the entrance so he could go in his crate to sleep, but he had some room to play in the bathroom and he could go potty on his pad in the corner. Just be sure if you do give him access to a room that there are no wires or anything he can get into and hurt.
my crates are taken away once they are socialied with one another i keep them all in the kitchen there are two beds I made. one i took foam you use on a bed the eggcrate type folded it over and placed it in the pet taxi the pet taxi does not have the top on I then wrapped the foam with a tshirt and then a pretty blue flannel Jammie top my daughter was goin to toss. Sturgis and Lady made that thier bed small but hey they wouldnt sleep anywhere else. I took the larger piece of the Foam and made a large bed for Daytona wrapped it in nice fabric and flannel blanket on top ITs easy if I have to wash i just change the Jammie top and or the flannel blankie on them. Sturgis must sleep with Lady so they go on that bed and Daytona on his big one. However, Daytona booted them out of their bed last week lol they are on the bigger one. I put pads or news paper down if they miss the pad lol no carpet cleaning worries
i'm not a fan of crating i would suggest the play room :D

kisses nat
Im not a fan of crating either...mine have a room to play with everything they need if im out
i agree

Yeah, I have to agree with everyone. Even though it's a pretty big crate, I think leaving her in there for 8 hours is way too long. I feel guilty everyday and after work I'm racing to get home to let her out. You can tell she's been crying cuz she has tears all the way down to her neck. Poor thing. I just thought since it's such a big crate that she would get used to it, but I think since we have an extra room, she can be in there and have plenty of room to play and do whatever.

Thank you guys :p
I too am not a fan of crating and think it is much nicer to leave them in a room so they have space to play - 8 hours is far too long if it was night when they are sleeping anyway its not too bad but dsuring the day I agree its too long :wave:
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