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When I first adopted Jazz I immediately embarked on her crate training. Tango hadn't had a crate since I moved in with my roommate a coupe of years prior. He didn't need to be crated any more, he had a thousand beds and the couch for sleeping, and it just didn't seem necesssary. But after I brought Jazz home and got her crate set up, it seemed like every time I wanted to pop lil Jazzy in her crate, Tango had taken up residence. This went on for a while, till finally I broke down and bought Tango a matching crate and got his all set up nice and cozy like Jazz's. Voila! He was thrilled, and hung out in his crate almost exclusively from then on, and Jazz continued to lounge in hers.

Until recently.

Now, unless Jazz is specifically locked into her crate, they both seem to prefer to snuggle in Tango's crate. And while that doesn't sound particularly unusual on the surface, it's actually quite some progress because Tango has always been very protective of "his" stuff, primarily his crate. Obviously they share toys and beds, but as far as the crates are concerned, I've always allowed them both to feel and have a sense of ownership of their own crates, and have a voice in whether or not they want to be alone. Jazz never had an issue with Tango getting in her crate, but Tango was quite vocal if Jazz attempted to set foot in his. If he was in it already he'd give a warning growl. And if he wasn't, and Jazz got in, as soon as he found her in there he'd start barking and then I'd come investigate to see what was wrong, and there he'd be, standing in front of the crate, acting all offended, barking at Jazz to get out NOW! So I'd gently remove Jazz, and Tango would run in there sniffing up a storm, fluffing up his snuggle blanket, and re-asserting his ownership lol!

Somewhere along the line though, that changed. I don't know why, or even when exactly, but recently I've found them curled up in Tango's crate more than any other place. What changed Tango's mind and heart I couldn't tell you, but somewhere along the line, Jazz wormed her way in with a minimum of fuss and bother! :hello1:
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