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Crooked grin

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:? Hi I am new here. We have a 9 month old chi. Abby Gail and she has a bottom fang that will not go in her mouth when it is closed. Is this tooth thing a common thing for chihuahuas. How much more do they grow after 9 months? We think chihuahuas are the best. We have a boxer and two cats as well. But this new baby runs the house. She is very much the alpha dog.
She sits on our 4 year old boxer's head and takes whatever toy she wants out of the boxer' mouth, snacks as well.
Her nickname is Abby Doodle. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Hope to get some info from some seasoned chi owners.
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welcome to the forum :wave: i think abbey doodle is a silly cute fun name, it suits a chi's personality in my opinion! i'd love to see pics! as for the tooth, small breeds are "known" to have not so great teeth, in this case it is something that was from birth. it gives her extra character! :wave:
Hi, and welcome to the forum. :wave: :wave:

There is much good advice to be found on this forum. When you have time, read back through some of the older posts-really good info there. In the meantime, if there is anything we can help you with let us know.

Yeah, those tiny furbabies tend to "rule the roost" don't they? Post some pics when you can. We all love to see pics.
Hi there, is there another tooth pushing the other forward? It is possible to correct these problems, but they tend to arise when deciduous teeth (baby teeth) are still intact when the adult teeth grow in. For example, if a lower canine adult tooth was forced to grow in front of the deciduous canine, it would push the adult tooth forward, and produce the kind of effect you are talking about. Ask a vet about it, and maybe it can be corrected if it's due to a baby tooth, as it can cause other problems in the future.
Welcome to the forum. :wave: I have a boxer too! Cant wait to see how she reacts to the new addtion. Im glad that your pets are getting along good. :)
Welcome! :wave: My chi Molly has the exact same thing! She's about 7 months old and has all her baby teeth out. One of her teeth on the bottom is kinda pushed out and it gives her a crooked smile! She doesn't seem like she's in any pain. Can't wait to see your baby!!!!
Welcome! :wave:
when abby was being spayed, the vet said she had 8 fangs. So consequently the vet pulled the 4 baby ones next to the adult fangs. By the way what are they really called Incisors???? I guess the presence of the baby fangs caused one of the adult fangs to grow in further over from where they should have been. Thus the crooked grin..
In short, she has the correct number of teeth now, I just wonder if the tooth being on the outside of the upper lip is uncomfortable.
if it's not being pushed outwards by another tooth behind it, i don't think it is bothersome. i've seen some pretty bad over bites and underbites that caused teeth to poke out when the mouth closes, man and those bulldogs are notorious for it (and they can still bite with messed up teeth!)
Auggie has one tooth that sticks out slightly too We call it his character. Course you can't see it sometimes for his tongue sticking out :lol:
welcome :wave: paris her teeth are pointed backwards ......but i love her just as much !!

kisses nat
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