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Crybaby and Grumpy Chi

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Does anyone have a crybaby and a grumpy chi?

Cookie is so weird... i don't know what happened to him. I got him 1.5 week ago and for the first week he is really a good boy.
However, two days ago he pee on the carpet and i told him "NO" bad boy and he bark at me (real loud). And then yesterday,he was sleepy (and i know he got grumpy when he is sleepy).... he always love being pet, so i pet him, but then he growl at me... and i tried it again he is barking and trying to bite me.. :?:

I was so sad, i tried calling him come and he just act as if he does not understand the command.

Has anyone experience this before??

This morning he is fine, he follow me everywhere and crying when i put him in his kennel. How long does it take for a chi to get used to his kennel. He knew that in about 1 or 2 hours there will be someone that will let him out and play with him but he still whining whenever i tried to leave in the morning..... :?:

:scratch: :dontknow:
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How old is your grumpy chi?
he is 10 weeks old tomorrow. Is that normal?
I think he is just testing you. Harley did that once and I think they are just testing their "place" in the pack. I remember reading that you should place them on their back and look them in the eye and "growl" back. After I did that once Harley got submissive and started giving me bunches and bunches of kisses. I think just like a little kid testing their parents, that's what they are doing. HTH! :)
My little Java was like that and she grew out of it. She was horrible if you woke her up, tried to bite and would growl. She is better now. I think some are just like that.
He is still very young. You should start teaching him the no command as much as possible when he does things he shouldn't.
I hope he will grow out of it.

He do know quiet a lot of command now: No, Sit, Stay, Hand (still learning), and inside.

But sometimes he just pretend he doesn't hear us or just dont want to do it.

He is funny and naughty at the same time. :lol:
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