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Crystal's chi diary

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Dear Diary,
MOST of the stress is over with, Thank Gosh!! I am done with oral projects at school and hopefully of the remaining 10 school days, I do not have to do much! I am struggling to get my science, math, and english grades high but I don't think I'll succeed. I am glad that I was able to sign up for summer school for all three of those subjects.

I haven't been getting much sleep this week...but what's new! :roll: today, just like yesterday, i fell asleep..with Britney right by my butt :twisted:

Time to say goodbye, I have to finish my math homework and Must get some of this messy/smelly room clean!
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Dear Diary:

Today was another typical day in the life of Crystal!! :twisted: I guess I slept okay...even though I think the last time I got a really great night's sleep was when I was inside my mother's stomach :?

We're still watching CATS in english class and it should be done tomorrow. I am pretty sure I am done with oral projects but i still do have one other big project to do. in my history class, our "final" is to pick a country and make some kind of food. My groups country is teacher said we can just buy food from a restaurant! 8)

On to something else, one of the MAJOR things that I need to do this weekend is clean my room!! I need to shampoo a few spots that are visible for others to see... :? :shock:

gotta go now, Im getting tired of typing so much :p
Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the first day of the Derby..aka the 68th annual carnival here in town! the highlight of year...the only good thing to look forward to here in this town, which only lasts about 4 days :?

My mom and I went to it yesterday to see one of my cousins perform with one of his friends on stage..aka Rap on stage!! their friends were there to cheer 'em on..and of course the cops had to swarm them just because they "looked" like they were gangsters :roll: how'd they like it if I became a cop and harassed their own race...

ANYWHO!..... we didn't go at all today, so i was kind of bored believe it or not! I played "MOM" for a few hours this morning. I washed dishes, put some laundry away, tidyed up the living room, made breakfest for my mom, and then washed dishes again... and I have to wash them one more time!!! Sheeeshh!!! :x

I might be stopping by the carnival again tomorrow or monday morning to get about 2 funnel cakes..just for ME!! :twisted:

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Dear Diary:...

wOw!! Its been a few days since I've made alittle entry here hasn't it :p Tomorrow is the Final for my World Civ class. Me, one gal, and one guy. The guy pretty much took over as Master in the group and pretty much had said he'd make the food that we're suppose to make. There's more to the story but I'd rather not chit-chat about it.

Today, after school was Such a bad day for me. My father, finally, got a day off from work and he always picks me up when he's off so anyways..I had this feeling that I was on my period because I had already eaten a good meal during lunch yet my stomach was still kind of in pain so I was pretty sure of it. And to top that off, it was soo hott today!! A person, like me, who is not patient, on her period, and having to deal with 90+ degrees weather is NOT a very good combination!

After we got home, I was happy to see Britney and I went in my parents room, where my mother was resting. I gave her a usual hug that she gets from me :D

Fast forwarding to about now, my stomach still hurts and I absolutely hate it..dang cramps!! :evil: Since my dad is already asleep, and my mom left for work 'bout 10 minutes ago, me and Brit are the only ones awake so she's guarding the front half of the apartment! Even though sometimes, she hears people talking and she starts barking away..which gets annoying after 15 minutes.

I'm currently playing a ps2 game called Spyro: Ripto's Rage. Some of the little "activities" that I have to do sure do test my patience :? But I love Spyro, I think he's an adorable little dragon. when my mom sees him, she says he reminds of her Britney. Because he's soo cute (totally mean to be biast about Britney :p :twisted:) and he's small and he can also get fiesty too!!

Anywho, I must go now! I have dishes to wash before I go to bed and it's already 9:45 here and for the past week,I've been meaning to be in bed by 10PM instead of 10:30 or 10:45 or even 11PM :shock:

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Dear Diary:

This is just a lil entry before getting myself prepared for bed! Today went good. My mom made french toast for me but I did not eat it all because I was saving myself for 1st period. In my 1st period world civ class, we had somethin called a country project where ya pick a country and make a food from there. My group had China.

Anywho, there was sooooo much food to eat!! The classroom was filled with other food for other students but I think we had the best food and most uniquely made food :p

During spanish class today, I just sent a little text message to my mom that basically said, "heavy bleeding" and i had a lil simile that was crying. So she sent a text back and said she'd pick me up :shock: I was quite suprised...I didn't expect to get a text like that :shock: So, I got home about 2 hours early from school 8)

For the past hour I've been trying to drink as many cups of water (with shaved ice) as possible to control the heaviness of the blood.

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Dear Diary:..

Today was an okay day, I guess. I woke up at 7AM and didn't do much. The only active thing I did in the afternoon was make Lasagna hamburger helper and had about 2 servings :oops:

About 25 minutes ago, I took Britney for a walk and we got back about 10 minutes ago. I've been planning to clean my room real good since last weekend but no luck whatsoever..just pure laziness :?

Must go now.
Dear Diary,

WELL....2 days left of school! Then I get about one week off before I have to start summer school and attend for 20 days. The best thing about today was that we got to get out at 12:50PM and the time is that way until our last day on Thurs :D

the thing is, when it was barely 3PM, it felt like it was 5PM already :shock: I ended up falling asleep on my bed and didn't wake up until about 7:15, right as soon as my dad had gotten home.

Not much else to say tonight, i guess.

Dear Diary:

Woohoooo!!! NO SCHOOL FOR 78 days!! Today was my first OFFICIAL day of summer vacation!! I have about a week to chill then I have to start summer school...which will last til July 22nd, I believe.

Today I cleaned my room alittle,trying to get it ready for tomorrow! ya see, tomorrow I plan to give my room a nice smells like chihuahua pee pee up in here :shock: :? :?

Just listening to some pop music right now, about ready to log off cause I been on and off this comp alllllll day today :!:

I have to be up by at least 5:50AM tomorrow so I can take Britney for a walk...which should get me pumped for some serious cleaning 8)

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Dear Diary:

Summer school starts next week so I guess I better really embrace this week! For 20 days, I will be making up credits for 3 classes :? :? :oops:

It's 12:50AM Tuesday over here in Cali and I've been messing around with my new software allll day Monday! I got my hands on Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and found some sites filled with tutorials and the main thing that I want to do is to retouch photos because there are images of celebs i have that are small and i want to basically make the images bigger and than edit them!

I haven't totally found a tutorial like that; for a beginner anyways! I did find a simple tutorial to change the color of eyes and I turned my niece Mickayla's eyes from brown to a decent colored blue! :D

Anywho, Im such a homebody so I'll definitely continue to find tutorials about photoshop. I've never been into creating graphics but I feel that I would need to make decent enough ones before I get started on Britney's site :)
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Dear Diary:

It's 6PM here in California and its just me and Britney here at home. My parents went out to the casino for a few hours so that means loud music time for us!! :lol: 8) Before my parents left town, they went to Burger King and bought me a salad...which was delicious!! :shock: they also got me a large frozen coca-cola thingy yuuuummy!!

I better be going now. I need to enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow because summer school starts on monday :?
Dear Diary,

Whew! Seems like it's been a while since I've made an entry here. I started summer school last week on Tuesday. I have math 1st session from 8AM-11AM and then only 30 minutes of lunch and then I have science from 11:35AM-2:35PM. What a drag to be in Science for 3 hours, I'm about 2 years away from receiving a diploma and science has never been one of my favorite subjects :?

Other things have been going on here at home but I'd rather not bring that subject up. It's 7:20AM right now and Im not completely done getting ready for school so I better head off.
Hey Littlehead! I was wondering how you have been, you haven't posted lately. I know what you mean about Science --- YUCK. Was never my favorite subject either.

Hope you have a good day!

Anna :wave:
Dear Diary:

A Wonderful Happy 4th of July to everyone here at CP! :wave: Just me and Britney today. My mom is Arizona. She attempted to go on a trip back to Texas but her car just could not do it again so she's stuck in Arizona and they won't be able to work on her car til Tuesday. My dad is at work, what's new! :roll: and my bro who is making sure I don't shoot myself being without my mom, left last night to party with Friends and he isn't back yet..they must've gone a little too far away to go clubbing.

My aunt calls like 3-4 times to check up on me and to see if I've received any calls from my mom..actually I haven't...we enjoy text messaging each other more :D

Gotta go now, getting tired of typing.
Dear Diary:

Today has been good so far! My brother's friend is staying the weekend here and he gave Britney a bath. I thanked him and I think he actually enjoyed it; I wonder if he's ever had any pets. Britney plays her usual "hard to get" minute she's fine and licking his hand and the next, she's barking her little apple head off :lol:

My mom went out to KMart a few hours back and one of the things she bought was "secret window" We haven't seen it yet...she still needs to finish watching "barber shop 2" and hopefully she won't get sleepy and we can watch this one.

She bought "butterfly effect" the day it came out and that sure was $20 she wasted...maybe my opinion about that movie is that way Because, I didn't understand it!!

Britney is alseep right now and I barely logged onto the comp 15 minutes ago...the Lifetime Channel is always on my TV :D

Must go now, good afternoon!
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Dear Diary:

I am getting quite happy..there are only 4 weekdays of school left for me! Woohoo!!! :lol: the 19th is my last day and then I get "at least" 1 month to stay up late and lay around with Britney...but still manage to do a few chores here and there :)

We had a test in science today...i was so confident about the last little section...the whole test was based on the cell, nucleus, cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm..ya know, the basics!! :?

My computer, suprisingly for me, had been acting up quite a bit this last week...I even think i got some kind of email virus or whatever a couple of days ago. My poor computer, it has been through about 3-4 system recoveries in the past 7 days :shock: I think it's okay now, nothing seems to be acting up. One of the channels on my tv has like town announcements and ads and all that other JUNK and there was a message from the cable peeps (they run it) and it said for all internet customers to run the anti-virus software. Anti-virus already got run down a few days back..but since the comp did recently go through another system recovery, i might have to update/check my anti-virus.

anywho, i must go now.time to play my fave comp sim game!! :D
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Dear Diary:..

just a couple hours ago, I was checking one of my email accounts and finally got the email ive been waiting for!! I setup an account to have a website! One of my first websites will be :D :D I'll be paying $8.99 a month for unlimited webspace/bandwidth! I'm very excited..I still have to wait for my account to get activated but that should happen no later than Monday.

today after school, I ended up falling asleep so I'll more than likely be up until about 12-1AM..and with all that time to kill, I *hope* to do a rough sketch of a layout of Britney's website! :D

Must go now,just wanted to enter this great news!
Dear Diary:

My account for hosting my site was activated today BUT that was JUST to HOST my site...I had to purchase a domain :x I finally found a site that only charged me $5 for one whole year and tomorrow I'll be sending my payment and *Hopefully* my domain account will be set up by Tuesday :D

This whole having a "real" website has been a bit of a whirlwind for me since last week but I know it'll pay off when i see how Brit's site turns out!
Dear Diary:

Well today is Thursday and my domain account has NOT been setup yet. I've called the guy who owns the site 3 times. Yesterday he said he'd go ahead and activate my domain even though he still didn't get my payment and this morning i checked my email and NOTHING so i called him again and he said something about the billing site is down and he hopes to have it up in one hour...that one hour will be over with in a about 15 minutes :?

My hosting account is also limited so Im thinking about taking a few affiliate type of people except their site will be something like "" so Who knows, i haven't totally made up my mind.

Must go now, bye!! :D
Dear Diary:..

Whoa! It has been a while since I've made an entry in here. My last entry was the week that I was through w/ summer school and now THIS entry is during my last week of summer vacation. I go back to high school, a grade level higher, on the 23rd.

Britney hasn't been doing much. She's pretty much like her favorite singer, Britney Spears, and has been catching LOTS of sun lately. She lays out by the window here in my room and after a while, she'll lay on the bed with her tongue sticking out. It's so cute! :D

Today hasn't been the most pleasant day for me...I've pretty much been laying around a bit depressed. I don't know whether to move in w/ my dad when he finds himself an apartment or to just stay w/ my mom.

The three of us are going to going out of town on Wednesday to school shop for me.

I better go now, Bye
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Dear Diary,

Well Well sure has been some week/weekend for me!! I started school on Monday and by thursday i was anxious to change math classes..but no luck! :x Yesterday was more of a busy day than my 1st day back @ school...

We started off at 8AM with a yard and a few hours later, we were packing our un-sold items up and putting them back into my grandmas house. Then, me, my mom, and my brother came back home and everyone rested for a bit. I ended up falling asleep!! :lol: At about 4 or 5, me, my mom,and my dad went to the casino and my bro and his company were there about 45 minutes later.

At around 9PM, me and my brother and his friend left to go see a movie. We saw the "exorcist: the beginning" which some parts really scared me :shock: :shock: We finally returned home at around 12:15AM :)

Today hasn't been Nearly as exciting though. The best thing that has happened was when I won 4 tickets, on ebay, to go see Raiders game THIS thursday.

that's pretty much it :wave:
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