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Cuddling after K9 Advantix application

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I just put K9 Advantix on Mo. We go to the mountains quite a bit...lots of mosquitoes, so that's why I chose Advantix.

Does anyone know when it is safe to let your puppy cuddle with you after applying Advantix? I have used Frontline on my other two dogs and we just try not to pet their necks for a few days... With Mo, that is a bit difficult. He likes to cuddle, and the closer to your face the better! His favorite place is right under your chin. So, does any one know when it is safe for us to have this close contact with him? I'm especially worried about my son.

Thanks for any input.
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I have no idea. You might try putting a small blanket or something between your skin and his neck, just to be on the safe side.
i dont think it poses any threat to you........but if it gets wiped off you may not be getting the full app on. I apply mine at night right before they go in their crates and they are greasy for another day, but I just try not to pet there.
I wouldn't think it would pose any threat to humans. If it's safe enough for our small pups, it shouldn't harm humans, I wouldn't think. :)

Yeah, I thought it should be safe if it is OK to put on a 2.5 lb puppy, but it has all these warnings about getting it on your skin...You are suppose to wash it for 15-20 min!

I also worry about my other dogs, because my German Shep likes to play momma and lick Mo all over. I'm keeping them separate for a few days.

Oh, and thanks for the suggestion about keeping a blanket between us while Mo is in his cuddle mood. A good, simple idea, but I didn't think of it with it being over 100 degrees outside!
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