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Curious about which is better, the so called deer or apple

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I just took my puppy (who has no name yet still!!) to the vet. Vet says that he looks great. He said he loves the shape of his head. He told me the ideal chi type to have is the deer shape head. I thought that that is bad breeding? I thought the standard is applehead and that is because breeders are trying to improve the breed. He told me that he has seen some very domeshaped apple heads and i guess with these there are alot of concern. Mine has a bit of an apple shape look but I always thought that is what was good. So is this a vet thing, saying that its better to have deer shaped heads or is it just his personal opinion???
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I think the AKC standard is more toward the apple shaped, not the deer.

Snickers has an apple shaped head and Reeses has a deer shaped head. I do think that one of them is cuter than the other because of the head shape but they are sitting here reading what I type so I will not say which one. :D

But as long as they are healthy and happy..who cares!!
Yes the standard is the Apple head, according to all the books i've read. Its not a matter of which is better its a matter of personal preference. I love them both, both of mine are apple heads but i wouldnt have cared if they were both deerhead or one of each! I think the apple heads just look more like a chihuahua if you understand what i mean. Some deerheads look like a mixed breed to me even if they arent. Both are beautiful in my mind...
I think your puppy looks apple head to me (but I'm definatly not an expert! :wink: !). I am in love with your new puppy - he's such a cutie!!!!! :love7:
the applehead is the breed standard head shape. for the vet to say one is better sound more of opinion to me. some people love the deer head better but it's not the breed standard head shape. one isn't more healthy then the other so it's preference unless you are showing and breeding then it's the applehead.
I would also think by the pic yours is an apple
I think the vet in question may have made this comment because although the apple is the standard, they often have more occurence of being born with an open "molera" or soft spot which takes longer to close, or sometimes doesn't close at all. Would make them more susceptible to head injury. Same would be true of very doom head chi's being likely canidates for having hydrocephalius. This is where the "concern" would come from.
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