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custom dog ramps?

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Anyone know where i can find custom dog steps?
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There was a gentleman on this board who was making them. Give me a minute and I'll dig it up for you.

Check out that link, he made custom stairs in the past, not sure if its exactly what you're looking for, but hope it helps.
thanks, would probably be to much of a hassle to get them shipped across the border from Ontario. I have some tools maybe ill try to build some myself, or ill see if i can hire a contractor that does custom cabinets or something to build them.
i've made a ramp myself too !!! it's not that difficult ......

kisses nat
Im going to call and see if i can get a contractor to build a wining stair case from the floor to bed level and see what it would cost.
i made something like that myself! and it costed me 50 euro :wink:

kisses nat
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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