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Cute picture of "Chloe"....the Model

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Here is Miss Chloe wearing her new Harness. I put the word "PUSHY" on the back....because she is!!! :wink: Being almost "famous" has gone to her head!! :wink:

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Awww...she's sooooo f--kin cute!!
OMG i want her she looks like such a cuddle bunny :D :D

kisses nat
She is absolutely beautiful...the perfect chi...she deserves to be a bit of a diva LOL I love her dress...
She's adorable. I love her little harness dress.
She is so cute in here harness.

Jennie and Cocoa
She is just ADORABLE. The outfit suits her. She looks so pretty. I love her face. How can you get anything done with such cuteness?

oh wow she has the most perfect apple head :D
Chloe makes such a beautiful model! She looks so tiny!!! :D
Thanks guys!! She is a pushy little sweetheart! She is very tiny, just 3lbs :shock: She gets "cuddles" all day long....she demands it! :wink:
Wow :shock: she is a tiny little thing :) She just looks darling in her new harness dress too cute :)
What a cutie!!

Just want to give her squishies... :D
wow shes a gorgeous lil model! beautiful dress too!
She is such a cute and tiny little girl!! You go Chloe! Keep demanding those cuddles!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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