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Daisy's first holiday!

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It's only for a long weekend, but today Daisy is going on her first holiday! We're going to Cornwall until Monday.

I think Daisy is confused about me having got up so early and packing all her stuff. She's put herself back to bed and keeps looking at me occasionally, especially when I'm packing her treats!

She'll get to go to the beach, shopping, and I think the best part in her eyes would be being with our whole family for all weekend.

We're setting off at about midday, it's exciting :)
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Oh, and I'll make sure to take plenty of pics! :)
Ahhhh charlotte she will love it. Can't wait to see the pics. Have a good time babe. X
I took my little dogs camping for the first time this summer; they loved being outside and exploring but I think the whole time they were wondering why we were there and if it was our new home:p
How exciting for sweet little Daisy! Can't wait to see the pics! :D
It's our second evening now. I think Daisy is settling down now. She wasn't happy sleeping last night, she kept waking up and barking. We also had a couple of toilet mistakes. We went out shopping today, she was allowed to be carried around the shops and a shop keeper even gave her a treat! She got a lot of fuss, wouldn't let me out of her sight though. I went into a busy shop and she stayed with my brother outside, but she whined the whole time!

She seemed to be happy when we got back the the lodge we're staying in. :)

Ahhhh charlotte she will love it. Can't wait to see the pics. Have a good time babe. X
Aww gutted I missed you Sam. We need to catch up - not talked in a while. xx
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