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I agree, she should really have the pregnancy terminated. I'm not at all famliar with breeding, but from what I've learned on here she's to small to have babies. Just let her kno that it won't be considered bad for her terminating it, because she will most likely be saving the female's life.

My cat Cinnamon got out of the house about 8 months after she had her litter of kittens and she got pregnant again, and I ended up having the pregnancy terminated and getting her spayed all at once. It's not that she would have died from having another litter or anything, but I just didn't want to add to the over population of kittens in the world. Her first litter wasn't even supposed to happen, but we didn't know she was pregnant until it was to late...and I'm glad she had her litter because then I wouldn't have my kitty Gizmo, and all the other kittens went to good, loving homes.
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