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dark spots

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are dark spots on the under side of my puppy normal?

like these on his chest:

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yep !

that's normal pigmentation ...i freaked out the first time too ...almost overnight their belly's got black and spotted :?

but now i know it's the normallest thing in the chi-world :D it will probably even get darker :wave:

kisses nat
WHEW!!!!!!! what a relief

darker?? oh well....thats okay
i'm just thankful its not medically wrong!
he'll just have to be one of them rugged dirty bad boys
that us girls love :lol:

thanks nat <3
Oh yes... Angel has the spots too. I have to admit I was a little concerned about them at first as well but now I think they just add character. :D
yeah with white chi's it appears they are a bit filthy :wink: i have that with vienna too :D

kisses nat
jamokas thang thang was all white at frist then it started getting spots now it's no longer white it looks really dirty, like i just diped him in dirt
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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