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Officials concerned about blue-green algae at Oklahoma lakes | Around Oklahoma - KOCO Home

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LAKE ELLSWORTH - There are new concerns about toxic algae at Oklahoma lakes surfacing just days before Oklahomans begin travel for Memorial Day weekend.

The algae, which is popping up along the shoreline of Lake Ellsworth, is now being blamed for killing a man's dogs. Vets in southern Oklahoma confirm that the blue-green algae that the man's two dogs encountered is toxic, and is likely to blame for the deaths.

City leaders in Lawton say because of the deaths they are now putting up warning signs around the lake. The dogs' owner says he immediately knew something wasn't right.

"Moses wasn't running around and chasing Oliver like he normally does," said Tim Lauer. "I picked him up and his jaw was starting to get tight, he felt like the life was out of him."

Within 90 minutes of visiting the lake, Moses was dead, and 12 hours later Huntergirl also died. Lauer says he wants others to protect their dogs.

He said he was happy to see the a sign has already been posted at the lake warning people about the presence of blue-green algae.

Officials say Texoma has been taken off the list, but advisories are still active at Eufala and Waurika
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