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Deano - chinchilla???

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Well while i was in scotland (i forgot to take cam :oops: ) i was taking deano through the park and some one said aww look at that chinchilla on the lead so my mum quickly said he's a chihuahua, and they said oh yeahs she's lovely! so i was like hmm ok :?
Then we was walking down into the town centre and a girl came over and said can i stroke your cat! Me and my mum found it really funny then in which my mum corrected her.
And just to puch the boat out a little boy tried to grab deano's lead out of my very firm hand lol, and then said please let me hold your rabbit!

Me and my mum found all these comments increasingly funny everytime we hear a new one - oh and we find that everyone thinks he's a puppy too!

Scotland is one of my fav places to go. Its great!
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That's hilarious! Definitely looks like a cute little chihuahua to me! :) But a lot of people just honestly don't know sometimes. I had an old man ask me the other day, "what's the weasel's name?" i never get offended about people calling my puppy different animals...just when people say, "that's a punting dog". Now when it comes to violence, I draw the line! :evil: A couple of my friends call him "little rat-dawg", but I don't mind, I think rats are cute!! :lol:
aww lol, i dont get offended too, i usually take the funny side of it but 3 comments in a day that was hilarious!
So far deano has been mistaken for:-
Baby Fox,
and the annoying rat.

I used to have a rat - i loved it!
Your trip to Scotland may have made the Scottish people seem a bit stupid shall we say! Honestly we are not all stupid! Infact the very day before i got Coco i seen a chihuahua in the garden centre and was speaking to the owner i also thought their 2 year old chi was a puppy! It's because they are so small and have those cute baby faces!

I really don't get the rabbit; cat and chinchilla though :?! I think it's just because chihuahuas are not very common in Scotland - my cousin seen a chihuahua for the first time yesterday coco and she thought it was amazing! There not around here much!

Glad to hear that you love scotland - oh and the irn bru :wink:!
Yeah, i dint mean to percieve the scottish as stupid, definately not but i did find it funny but i do think Chihuahua's are not very common up there - random people knew he was a chihuahua. But i got lovely lovely comments about him, i got stopped like every 2 mins.
But i had one school kid about my age who said
"What the hell is that!" which annoyed me but i carried on walking with this look on my face - :? .

Any way - i was in edinbrough (i cant spell it at all!) in the town centre and we went to the old castle, and Scotland is all up hill! so i was so tired!! My mum has considered moving up there because you get much more for your money! Like round here in Manchester a terraced you are looking 90 if not more for a terreaced - i looked on an estate agent bored and for a 5 bedroomed house which i must say was so gorgeous was £120 grand. I was amazed!!!

My sister is in sterling at the moment - working in a hospital. She just rang and she doesnt have a clue where she is! (she had to move there on her placement so she is completely alone, no tv, no laptop, no friends just a flat and herself) She does manage to get to work though! 8)
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Your poor sis it must be difficult being in a strange place away from all the people you know! How long does she have to be there for? Is it like a uni/college placement or a work placement?

Houses in glasgow r expensive - but if ur in stirling or sumfin it wld b a lot cheaper - i wld imagine edinburgh to be expensive too! It depends where you want to live - i mean a big house in a non posh area cld b worth 70 grand but in a posh area it could be worth 200 grand for the same house lol!

I didnt think you were saying we were stupid - i thought they were stupid and just didnt want you to think in the back of ur mind like god they're not educated!

Can't believe a wee boy grabbed deanos lead off u - and another girl saying wots thing thing honestly i'd chase them. Coco always barks when people walk by our house but she wags her tail when she does it so i think she's just wanting attention really! Most people laugh! But this one set of young boys was trying to torment her and barkin back and then told her to shut up so i just told them il make u shut up go on n p i s s off lol!

I get so annoyed wen ppl r bad or speak bad about my baby :lol:
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She has to stay there for 6 weeks, shes at uni but has to work and see what its like for that amount of time.

The little boy had downsyndrome so i let him hold him for a minute and let him walk him around (i was stuck at the side of him though) Deano didnt really like it but it made him smile for a minute or two. :)
some people are so crazy!!!

I heard a girl say awww look is that a meercat??

i was like 'yeah i took him out the zoo put a lead on him and brought him here' :roll:

have people never seen chi's before!? :?
i think only a handful of people have actaully recognised tyson as a chi!!!!! :lol:
lol what is a meercat?

Some ppl r indeed just nutters :lol:! You can tell they're dogs for goodness sake! I really think they do look like dogs; i understand maybe the baby fox one buthe rest completely baffles me! :?

Its a shame ur sis has to go all the way to scotland to do a work placement - howcome she cant do it where you live?
lol cute; but not a chi! what the heck r ppl on! :lol:
I got baby fox yesterday lol I told the woman he was a chihuahua and she said where did I get him, why do people always ask that??? I was like well I waited 9 months on a breeders waiting list and all I got was Oh, hummm do they expect me to say petshop or something
She's at Uni in Aberdeen so does her work placement in sterling. But once she has finished her course she'll get a job down here
cool - i know a lady from aberdeen who sells chi's - she's not got pups at the mo but has many girls who have pups in like a rota - their beautiful some same colouring as deano baby and some black & white! Ur sis cld always bring one bak 4 u if u decide to go for it :D
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