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Deer head Chihuahua

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Does anyone know anything about deer head chis? :?: :wave:
I've heard and read some different stories about them and I'd like to know if anyone knows for sure where they come from. :scratch:
I've read that they are the ancient chihuahuas, that they are the ancestors of the apple head chis.
According to this, these chis are the ones that were "discovered" in Mexico and that were be found in Central America as well. They'd have been brought to North America and breeders started using other breeds to make them smaller, stronger and healthier, (English Spaniel, Pomeranian, terriers, etc) and that's how the new apple heads became the standard. They say that if u look at the pictures of Westminster shows in the early 1900's, the chihuahuas looked more like deer heads.
I, personally haven't seen these pictures b/c I don't know where I can find them. I have some books with pictures of old mayan paintings and pottery figurines that represent their dogs and they r a lot more like the deer head chis. The mayans were the people who lived in my country a long time ago. :p
I am not saying any of this is true...I am just saying what I've read and heard, but I find it curious that I got Sally Lolita in El Salvador, one of the countries where chihuahuas are supposed to be a native specie, and she looks nothing like an apple head. She is a deer head chi, :reindeer: ( i know this is classification is not recognized by any kennel club), and interestingly enough, most of the chis in my country ( El Salvador) look like her. When I was down there, I asked the vet if she was a real chi or if it was a mix. She said she defenitely was a chi, I asked her about the apple head chis and she said that those were the ones for shows and the ones people'd bring from the north.
I really don't know what's the story behind these chis. I'd like to know if someone knows for a fact what's the deal with them.
I have 2 chis, Chiquitita who's an apple head that I got here in Quebec and Sally Lolita, my salvadoran chi who looks like a deer. :lol:
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Wow thats interesting. Ive seen pictures of Chi`s at dog shows here in the U'K during the 1930`s and in the pics ive seen they look apple headed.Ive read that the ancient Chi`s looked different to todays Chi`s but i dont really know much as im a newbie to the breed. Do you have pics of your girls? :)
:wink: I would say they are all chihuahuas, lol. Just like people you have some funky looking ones and the "supermodels"... :wink: or brad They come in different sizes, colors and shapes and it just happens that the apple head ones are the ones for show, I think you have pretty good background theories already :wink: .

:wink: I'm curious about something, how much was you chi in El Salvador?
Vala how much was your Chi where you live? There expensive here.
:wink: Stinky was $700 Canadian about $600-650 american maybe..I got him expensive that time I thought I was getting him cheap :wink: Smelly was free :D
I wish i could convert $`s to £`s !! :lol: Im paying £600 for my girl. Paid £300 deposit. But shes worth every penny to me. I was totally in love straight away when i met her last night and the breeder was very nice indeed. Ive got a long wait till i get her 6 weeks :( :D
:shock: Wow, that's about $1400 Canadian dollars!! throw another $300 and I would be able to get 3 chis! Stinky would have been 300 pounds. :wink:
Ive always wanted a Chi since i was a child. Its just bad timing getting one now as the prices seem to have shot up because of certain trends :(
when i researched other breeds, they (the ones i've looked into) don't look much like what they do now. i've read conflicting things about chi's so i gave up on that lol. a chi is a chi to me, deer head, applehead or like my chiwi sh*thead. (she peed on my bed today so i'm allowed to call her that.) but if you are going to show and breed then following the kennel club standards is ideal.....
Seren said:
:lol: Chiwi :D

i told her she is going to boot camp. but that don't work on my daughter so i doubt it will work on chiwi............. they are teaming up with each other against me!!!
In El Salvador my mom paid US$450 for Sally Lolita. I paid CAN$950 for Chiquitita, here in Qc.
I had to pay for a permit to import Sally Lolita to Canada and a vet examination in ES; a small fee here at the airport, and US$100 for bringing her cargo from San Salvador to MIA and US$80 for the cabin from MIA to Montreal. At the end she was more expensive than Chiquitita but she is so worthy.

Here are some pix
She's very pretty and I love that shirt in the last three pictures.

There are arguments all over the web as to whether the chi is native to the Americas and exported over seas or it was native to china and exported to the Americas and if they don't even know that I don't think we have a hope of knowing which type is closer to the original. They are both beautiful.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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