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I got special doggie toothpaste (chicken flavored) from the vet and my dogs love it!!! I bought a tiny toothbrush from PetCo and ever since they were babies I have been brushing their teeth. Its pretty pointless to do when they are babies because their teeth will just fall out, but it tranes them to accept their teeth being brushed so when they are older they are use to it. I dont rely just on dry food and greenies anymore ever since my mom's dog had terrible tarter buildup. I guess chi's are especially prone to bad dental health and my vet insturcted me to start brushing right away.
My moto is "whatever works for your dog is what you should do". Everyone's dogs are different and not everyones dog's will respond/have the same problems so just find what works for your dog and go with that :wink:
Good luck!!!
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