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Depression, Broken heart.

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My Sonny Boy was put to sleep yesterday. His partner, Sammie (female) was my first Chihuahua. She was "mama" to Sonny when I got him 12 years ago. They have been in-separable ever since. Last night was the first night ever that they haven't slept together.

She is lost. I'm giving her all the love and attention that I can, but she is looking for him and waiting. She already has lost weight during this last week that he was sick. Even though she is eating as much if not more from the extra attention and snacks that I keep feeding her.

What else can I do for her.
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Sorry for your loss :( This happened to my mum's Jack Russel when her companion died (he was actually her dad as well :(). She just wandered around the house sniffing all the spots where he used to sit and she wouldn't eat and lost heaps of weight. Mum wasn't ready to get another dog staright away but she ended up getting one just a month later because she didn't know what else to do to perk little Ruby up. She bought home a new puppy Miss Dolly a few weeks ago now and it has really helped. Ruby is eating and although she gets fed up with being followed and having her tail pulled 24/7 she does occasionally have a play with Dolly and is generally just brighter and happier.
I know you are probably not ready to move on yet but hopefully in a few weeks you will find a new little one to help both yo and Sammie get over your loss.
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