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Depression, Broken heart.

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My Sonny Boy was put to sleep yesterday. His partner, Sammie (female) was my first Chihuahua. She was "mama" to Sonny when I got him 12 years ago. They have been in-separable ever since. Last night was the first night ever that they haven't slept together.

She is lost. I'm giving her all the love and attention that I can, but she is looking for him and waiting. She already has lost weight during this last week that he was sick. Even though she is eating as much if not more from the extra attention and snacks that I keep feeding her.

What else can I do for her.
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:'( i feel so sorry for you , my mums dog was like that when my nan's dog died (they where bought within 2 months of each other and inseparably , they saw each other everyday :( ) , all you can do is give hugs , kisses and LOTS of food , your dog is going through the same grief as you and you need to support each other , hope you are both ok :) x
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