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Depression, Broken heart.

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My Sonny Boy was put to sleep yesterday. His partner, Sammie (female) was my first Chihuahua. She was "mama" to Sonny when I got him 12 years ago. They have been in-separable ever since. Last night was the first night ever that they haven't slept together.

She is lost. I'm giving her all the love and attention that I can, but she is looking for him and waiting. She already has lost weight during this last week that he was sick. Even though she is eating as much if not more from the extra attention and snacks that I keep feeding her.

What else can I do for her.
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We lost our tabby and toy poodle within a few
weeks of each other in October. So though it's different
for each person I know how hard it is. The poodle
was my little baby, took her every where and probably
spoiled her rotten! It took time, but now I can remember
her and think of the happy times we had together. When we
Knew the poodle was terminal with cancer, we knew we
really couldn't live without another dog in our lives. So we started
researching chihuahuas. And actually within a month of her
passing we got a rescue chi mix that needed a good home. And this specail
Little chi that we have now has been such a comfort to
us. Plus, we couldn't be depressed because she
was depending upon us. So though as I say everybody is different I would
recommend getting a little friend for your darling. Nothing can
replace my toy poodle or my tabby and nothing can
replace your Sonny, but our chi really is a
comfort and you may find the same thing, too.
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