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Depression, Broken heart.

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My Sonny Boy was put to sleep yesterday. His partner, Sammie (female) was my first Chihuahua. She was "mama" to Sonny when I got him 12 years ago. They have been in-separable ever since. Last night was the first night ever that they haven't slept together.

She is lost. I'm giving her all the love and attention that I can, but she is looking for him and waiting. She already has lost weight during this last week that he was sick. Even though she is eating as much if not more from the extra attention and snacks that I keep feeding her.

What else can I do for her.
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Thank you Huly. I didn't realize until today how much of a back seat Sammie had taken to Sonny over the years. We are both lost. I'm trying to comfort her, but in all honesty, I just want to go hide somewhere alone.
I have never hurt so much in my entire life. Even when my mom and dad passed within a month of each other, then my grandma and brother within a year of them.

This is unbearable. I don't know where to turn. I love Sonny more than I love humans. Nothing else matters but Sammie now. I'm sure not helping her, I just can't stop crying. I'm home bound with MS. Every where I look I see him, I smell him. I want my baby back.
I'm afraid I'm going off the deep end. Going to have to go to the doctor and get something to dull this pain. Sonny was the strong one. I love you my baby boy, I hope you knew how very much you gave me.
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