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Desi Blue - new chi - needs prayers!!

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I brought Desi Blue home from the breeder's on Thursday night. By Friday morning, all was not well - Desi was not able to stand. Luckily, I had Desi at work with me (I work at a Vet's). Desi was suffering from hypoglycemia - low blood sugar. During the day on Friday, I fed him by syringe every 2 hours. I have Desi at home now and am feeding him by syringe every 3 hours around the clock. Please pray that he lives!! I think that the breeder should have kept him another couple of weeks or so with his mama. However, I know, that if I had not bought him when I did, that he would be on his way to a Pet Store and would most likely be dead by now. Please pray. Nancy. I soooooooooo want this pup to be ok.
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poor thing :cry: i will be praying :angel8: i hope he pulls through
Good luck! Keep some Karo Syrp on hand, and check his gums often to make sure they have color and that when you press them, the color returns within 2 seconds (CRT)! I had to do the same with a 3 week old chi mix that was abandoned at our hospital for quite some time. With hard work and lots of love your little one will pull through and love you forever =) -Nate
*I pray to the elord,not to tak ethis pup from you,give him strength,let him pull through!*

How sad :cry: My family will be praying for little Desi. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. From the sounds of things he couldn't be in better hands.
I am sorry he is so sick... Hope he gets better. I will keep you in my thoughts.
Nancy I'm so glad Desi is in your hands I will pray for your little sweet baby.Please keep me posted I want to make sure that Desi is getting better. Hang in there :( Michelle

i hope everything will be ok!!

praying for you!!!

kisses nat
Desi will be in our thoughts and prayers...I pray he pulls through, you are doing a wondeful job.. :)
You both will definately be in our thoughts. Please keep us updated. :(
Our thoughts are with you! I hope Desi will pull through :(
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