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Desprately Seeking Chihuahua!!!!

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Hi my name is Neva, and I live in Houston, TX. I am seeking a female Chi for a indoor companion. Im looking to pay $250 or less. Does anyone know where I can find one? I have been told never to buy from pet stores so I was wondering If anyone knew some good breeders in the Texas area. Any help would be great!!!!! Also Im not interested in breeding so I am willing to take adult dogs too.
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hmmm.. sorry it was 5am when reading posts lol :oops: me bad
Im sorry Janie it says NOT interested in breeding lol :lol:

Hi and welcome - I suggest you try your local rescues and - for puppys and adult chis availabvle in your area - good luck :D
Thanks ozzysmom, some people I think dont read it all just maybe read bits of it.... Well I do look at every day, I even visit adoption places around my area, and Those dogs seem to go fast. I have also searched breeders and it seems that is the price they go for is from $250-350, they just seem to be sold sooo fast for me to reserve one. I am not interested in breeding, I just would like to find one for company. I stay home and my husband works and I get lonely. Its not that I dont know about chi's because my in-laws own a toy Chi, and I babysit her alot. So If anyone can help me, I would love it.
by refering to a "chi" as a "toy chi" you are showing you dont know a great deal about the breed (there is no such thing as a teacup, tiny or toy - a chi is a chi they come in all shapes and sizes and have different coats but simpoly they are just a chihuahua - the only 2 differences are long haired and smooth)- but hey dont worry you have certainly come to the right place - we are a friendly bunch and can offer lots of advice - just keep looking the right one is out there for you waiting for you to find them :wave: its also great that you want to rescue :D
Thanks! well ozzysmom I call it a toy bc of the size, My friend who owns a chi tells me the same thing you said, which I understand. I just have to quit calling them teacups or toy. I have a big heart we have one cat, who is such a sweet heart, we adopted her, and she loves everyone and everything. she gets along with any animal or person. I like going to the adoption centers in my town bc the animals look so sad there caged up and they could use all the attention they could get. infact if i could i would take every one of them home. they dont deserve to be stuck behinde bars!!!!
Thats ok janiebabes, thats why I am here, to get some info and help. I live in Deer Park, TX its right outside of Houston. Im willing to travel within a couple hundred miles radius, I was just hoping I could find a good place in Houston to buy one so I can meet her ( thats what i want a female) in person.
lol wow i thought you meant deer park Long island lol I was going to say lady has a litter due not sure how many yet 5 more days. but if i hear anything i will let you know
did you try here there is a long haired chi named stevie 2 years old

..... I just called them the woman in the area closest to you her name is Kathi email addy is [email protected] dunno if she has chi's the place i posted above was in utah but if anyone calls them they will give you info on a sanctuary in your area. good luck in your search
lol I live in good ole..Texas. That would be great for you to leave your ears open...any help I will take with open arms. any websites you know of where I can find a list of breeders in Texas?
Wonderful, I'll give it a try!!!! Thanks a bunch :D
As I tell anyone who asks, contact the AKC breeder referral person and get a list of reputable breeders in the Houston area. :lol:

Chihuahua Club of America, Inc.
Breeder Referral Person: Josephine De Menna
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