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I only have 3 words for Diamond Foods>>>Disgusting,Despicable,and Deplorable. As for the FDA>>>what a bunch of A*holes...letting this place start production again after what happened in 2007 and now. Diamond started recalls on 4/8 and were back in production according to a press release by 5/6. Does anyone think they ever cleaned up and fixed all the violations? Someone should burn the place down!

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Disgusting. What is this world we live in??? You can't trust anyone.
It's absolutely ridiculous. I'm just glad I never fed any of these brands.
But I'm upset for those who did...they thought they were getting a quality

My husband works with a man whose Dog de Bordeaux died from Kirkland dog
food. I don't know the man personally, so not sure if it's 100% true, but I would
not be surprised if it was. He said the dog got severely ill and passed, they did
an autopsy and turns out it was the Costco food. This is recent, just a month
ago or so.

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I am sooo glad Lion and Penny don't eat the Chicken Soup food anymore. It is what their breeder fed them- I switched them pretty quickly after I brought them home.

I read the comments on that article, someone said their dog died after eating one of the recalled foods. So sad :(
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