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Dew Claws?

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Does your Chi have it's dew claws still, or were they removed? Bosco's were removed by the breeder but Lola's weren't. I don't think there are any pros or cons to removing them so I didn't know if it was worth it. Speaking of worth it, do you know how much it typically costs?


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All of my chis still have them so I don't know how much it normally costs. I do wish they had been removed. They seem so useless.... just another nail to clip. :roll:
both mine habve theirs aswell and I have never had any probs with them :D
Well, I'm like you one with and one without LOL

Sandy's were gone before I got her, and Koke still has hers.
I don't notice any difference other than the extra nail to cut, I'm just going to leave Koke's alone, they don't bother me.
Both of mine have theirs still. I don't really have a problem with them but when I put on their sweaters, I have to make sure they don't get snagged.
Pip has his mostly b/c he wasn't from a breeder. I worked for a Vet and it seemed Dew Claws were removed just for asthetic reasons, and for showing. It is not something that has or needs to be done. It doesn't bother me or Pip.
Chiquita and José both came to me with theirs removed. I don't think it matters really, just an image thing for showing really.
If you show a dog, does it need to have its dew claws? I didn't even think of that....
Actually I think to show them the dew claws have to be removed.
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