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Aaaw!!!! What a cute boy!
lol thanks!
very cute :)
haehe yay!!
Oh Dexter, you're always smiling :D
smile smile. i loves to smile because i not angry boy
UI thought you had a bath your beard is wet!!!
mommy was confused. she was so tired. she was supposed to take nap whenn she wrote the post but i derno shes silly sometimes. LOL...that not my beard! it my lion mane :daisy:
hey Dexter who you got that chi puppy book r u getting a brother or sister?
hi apple. mommy likes to read about us chis even if she has me so she can make me into stronger boy than i already am. also, she said that her dad said that he's planning on getting a big brother/sister for me...i mean REALLY big...not a chi to guard the house. dog gonna be small at first like me but mommy said he/she gonna grow about 3 times as big as me...kinda scary really. i know i can protect my mommy inside but outside i might have a big brother or sister to do that for me. my mommy's dad says he's making a huge fence all around the yard finally. its gonna cost a lot of moneys(about a couple months worth of work) but bad things have been happening around people getting their moneys taken away from them from people it no belong mean of them. so we will show them who CANNOT come into our lovely house:foxes15:
Love the anticipation face, Dexter's such a cutie. :)
thanks foggy!
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