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dexter in bloo :)

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i think he looks fantabolous in this sweater that his ss Elaine got him! :) just had to share~ :coolwink:

boo my color?

i loves ridies!

yay i love my daddys house!
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It looks so snuggly and warm, and yes, blue is a great color on him!
That's a really nice sweater. Great color on him. I like his picture in the car with his sweater and harness on.
Blue is his color for sure. Love the harness!!! looks like a biker doggie!
You handsome devil you!!! :p
Elaine's got taste! Very nice sweater she got you bud!
he's such a handsome boy and the blue sweater looks great on him :)
Very lovely color on him
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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