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Gadget got diarhea tonight. We were sitting here and he went into the bedroom and Mark went in there shortly after he did and found that Gadget had diarhea all over our bed... The poor little boy... it was light brown in color and very nasty smelling.. he had a little firm poo in there the rest was very goopy.

he is acting normal other than that and he has eaten good today...

When we went to town this afternoon he had soft stool in his bag while we were in walmart.. thank god we left him in the car (wasn't hot outside today)

is this actually diarhea or is it empting the anal glands.

It almost made me sick cleaning it up.
didn't even think about saving some to take to the vet.. darn how stupid was that?
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anal gland juice has a metalic smell to not like a poop smell at all. Gadget probably had the happens. Bindi has a very sensative tummy so I deal with it - if he is acting fine and still eating then dont worry but if his poos are still runny then layoff the dog food and just give him some boiled chicken/rice or some baby food chic will settle down.....make sure he is drinking too.....and of course if it lasts more than a few days then get him to the vet or a sample.
Thank you Kemmos mom.

I had take his food away from him for the night. he didn't like that much because he is a middle of the night eater.

This morning he went and it was firm again. He ate dry food this morning and he is acting like himself...

Last night he zoomed for over an hour and I was so tired... He ran from the bedroom to the livingroom for the whole hour and I kept following him because I didn't want him to poo again all over the place... but when he crashed he crashed hard.... he slept all night until the alarm went off this morning... and he was ready to zoom again...
Glad Gadget is Ok Must have just been an upset tummy. That is quite a zoomie. Auggie only last for 15 mins at the longest :lol:
When your chi has runny and stinky stool for a couple days in a row is when you need to worry. Sometimes they just get upset stomachs like we do.
The fact that other then the runny stool he was fine was a good sign that he probably had an upset tummy. If they have a paracite or if they are really sick you will see either weight loss, loss of appitite, lathargic, etc...

Either way when ur pup has diahrea its so important to make sure they drink a lot of water!

Glad to hear your little one was okay! It can be so scary sometimes not knowing whats going on.
thank you all... Gadget is fine now, well he seems to be... has been having normal poo all day.. adn he is full of p**s and vingar...
glad to hear he is doing well today! the other day chiwi spit up when we got home from work. it wasn't food or anything jsut a little bile. she was fine and it only happened 2 times within an hour of getting home. i thought about it and figured it to be stress. it was when i worked a 12 hour shift and we were so busy i didn't get to take my full 1/2 hour break (which is spent with her) plus she could hear all the barking dogs. heck after that day i had i wanted to vomit! she was fine since then so i guess they are like us. they get tummy troubles too.
thanks everybody.. I think we figured out what did it to him... He had peanut butter in his kong twice that day and the 2 days before that he had had too many snausages>SP> . I didn't know that he didn't eat all his peanut butter from the day before and then after he had eaten I washed his kong and gave it to him when we went to town while we were in the store...
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