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Did you know grapes are bad?

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I didn't know grapes were bad for dogs until this summer! :shock: I knew about chocolate and onions being very toxic to animals but grapes??
Apparently they can cause kidney failure, and various kidney problems.
My pups both love grapes although they have only tasted little bites from them a couple times in their lives. No more for them now!

I've been doctoring with Eddy all summer so that's how I found out about them. The vet told us.
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I had no idea but I am glad I know that now. Gizmo loves apples, and I might have tried grapes too at some point!!!
There are lots of post advising what is good or not, please do a search THANKS
The grapes I was told by the vets at the Veterinary School in Saskatoon.. so that one I believe they must know about. I hadn't heard about raisons though. Holy cow my guys are going to be ticked.. Emma loves raisons!
Raisins are dried grapes ( i think) :?
Duh!! I should slap myself!! Of course they are. Boy I must really be having a dense day today! :tard:
Its okay, my brain was a bit dead thats why i wasnt too sure myself :D
KB mamma said:
There are lots of post advising what is good or not, please do a search THANKS
getting fed-up ,victoria ? :wink:

i gave them a grape once they loved it , but i learned here it was toxic :shock: and i'm never going to let them near one again !!

kisses nat
Good thing I read this! I have grape vines in my back yard! And my dogs love to eat them, ooooooooooops :oops:
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