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differences between males and females

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I have a male chi and he is the sweetest thing on the planet. I am planning on getting another one in the near future and I want a female. Are there any personality differences in males and females. I am wondering because I read somewhere (I can't remember where) that females are not as loving as males and I just want to know if this is true.
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It has been many years since I had a male. My last 3 chis have all been female, and it is hard to imagine any dog being more loveable and loving than they have been. I don't remember ever hearing this or reading it, but there is a lot of info out there - some of it good and some not so good.

All I can tell you is that from my experiences, the females I have had have been very loving and affectionate. In fact, we call Jasmine my velcro dog!
well, I have a male and he is all boy... kinda reminds me of my son when he was a toddler.

every dog is going to have their own personality. just like humans no 2 are alike.. I have noticed with my neighbors dogs(gadgets mom and dad) that the male is the one who isn't always nice to people.. the female loves everyone.. but he is like a shy little boy when it comes to some people.. and you better watch out when he doesn't like you because he will rip you a new one in a hurry... I have been holding him when some one that he didn't like came up to us(my neighbor and I) and he has totally gone billistic.

all other times they are happy little dogs with wonderful personalities..

I fell in love with Gadget because the awesome personality of his dad... as Gadget grows we see he has some of his moms trates and some of his dads trates.. it is funny because he does thing sometimes and I look at Mark and say he got that from gidget or he got that from gizmo... it is funny how he does stuff like that...

If I was to get another chihuahua I would probably get the pup that I fell in love with at first site... like I did Gadget... he always works out better for me that way...
all my animals have been love at first site pets...
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I had mostly males as a kid and only females as an adult. To me, no difference. All have been incredibly sweet and loving. But then again, I'm always attracted to the runt of the litter or the one cringing in the corner and those have turned out to be the sweetest of all. :)
i posted this question also a time ago.....because i heard the exact same thing.....well i can assure you ( i have now a boy and a girl) they are always competing tto be the's really over the top :D

kisses nat
I prefer females inside. The marking is a big hurdle to get over with a male. Plus not to get too graphic, the males do like to mount more than a female.
Males tend to the alpha dog side. These are just my observations nothing more.
I had male dogs while I was young, but they were sporting dogs and kept outside. We had two females inside. My neighbors and relatives had indoor males, and I HATED going over to their houses! The one terrier would try to mount your leg as soon as you got in the house! YUK!!

Frasier is the only boy I have ever had. We have no humping or marking. I got lucky there. The only difference I notice that I do not like is that you can't rub a boy's tummy like you can a girl's.

Because I am accustomed to girls we had a funny accident. When I knew one of my girls was about to take a flying leap off of something to high, I'd simply slide my hand beneath their belly. Their back legs would catch against my hand which slowed them down enough for me to scoop'em up and prevent the jump.

Frasier was on the very high bed and preparing to jump off. I grabbed as if he were a girl. Let's just say it was not his back legs that caught on my hand. :eek: :shock: We were both so shocked that the jump was forgotten. :D
I am still laughing about your post, Frasiers mom. LOL - that is just toooo funny. Afraid I would do the same thing, as I have had nothing but females for years. :lol:
LOL Frasier's Mommy! :D I've found that you can't rub a boys tummy the same way you can a girls to be the only drawback too. Since Cody has been neutered we haven't had a problem with the marking or humping. Thank goodness!

Cody is the first male dog I've owned. He is a sweetie but so are my two girls I have now. Annabelle does have issues but I don't think that is JUST because she is a girl. Annabelle is very anxious and shy.
i have 2 males and one female niether of my males are leg humpers lol knock on wood. I sayd its all in the chi itself just like children some girls are tempremental others are loving. some males are very affectionate and loving others are tempremental. either way they are all good
i have a female and she is the snugglyest dog ive ever had. she wants nothing more than to snuggle with me.

Id never have an unneutered male for a housepet because im not keen on the whole humping and marking problmes that can occur, and if you dont plan on breeding why have an ufixed dog anywayz
both make wonderfull snugglebugs in a pet situation. and so long as properly socialized neither sex makes a better pet
the only thing id be wary about is if you have a dominant male and end up geting another dominant male puppy you might have dominance issues. but chis are clannish anywayz and as long as there neutered i woundnt think it would be a problem.
personally im planning on getting a little boy next but not for breeding purposes, just because i know vixie gets along fine with male dogs and has never been around females since ive had her...
its completly dependant on the one that choses you lol. good luck and let us know what you decide
Frasier's Mommy said:
Let's just say it was not his back legs that caught on my hand. :eek: :shock: We were both so shocked that the jump was forgotten. :D
I'd pay to see a picture of that. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
LOL Frasiers Mom, I can just imagine the look on both your faces. I tend to pick the pup that is the most outgoing and social. The one climbing all over littermates to get to you. So far this has resulted in boys. I think affectionate is a predominate chi trait no matter what the sex.
Thanks a lot everyone. I guess that answers my question about female dogs. I have always had males so I wasn't sure. I think I will get a female next
Tinker said:
I tend to pick the pup that is the most outgoing and social. The one climbing all over littermates to get to you. So far this has resulted in boys. I think affectionate is a predominate chi trait no matter what the m/f.
I tend to pick the shy ones because I assume most people will go for the rambunctious ones. I'm always afraid the shy ones will be left behind with no one to love them (and that is exactly why I adopted Lily, cowering in the corner). I am such a sucker. :D
My family has only ever had male dogs so I got a male chi. He doesn't mark in our house but he marks on top of other dogs scent. Usually outdoors and a couple times in petsmart :roll: It was only a problem at my sister's apartment because she is having problems with her chi (also male) doing the submissive peeing and every time someone pets or picks up Gizmo he drips a few drops and Charlie is right there to cover it up :roll: We're hoping this will stop. None of our other males ever did this. He is all boy, adventurous and outgoing but he loves to cuddle with his mama too. My next chi is going to be a girl. I'm hoping she will keep Charlie in his place LOL.
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