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dinner with friends. (Kinda long with pictures)

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We had our neighbors over for dinner tonight.. We sat out at our patio table.... While we were eating and Gadgetr was eating his dinner our neighbors cats came over. QT (the girl cat) came up to Gadget and started sniffing his food.. she lifted his head and let her sniff... she walked away.. He continued to eat... Then Bubba (the boy cat) came over and did the same thing that QT had done.. But Gadget lifted his head and backed up a copuple feet and let bubba eat his food.. We all thought it was cute... and all this time I wish I had the camera.. but it was in the house and they were bnetween me and the house and If I would have gotten up they would have left... you know how that is...

So we went on with eating and talking and having a good time.. then Gadget and bubba started playin... then I really wished I had the camera.. so when they got done playin and bubba wondered off I got up and got the camera.. now we are ready for action... because they always come back for more...

any way this is Gadget and bubba playin...

and this is what QT was doing while the boys were playin
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They're soooooo cute. They look like best friends.
that kitty is soooo cute! gadget looks as if he's having a good time
QT is my kinda kitty lol! chiwi is a little scared of cats, when i worked at the vetsi let her investigate one of our abandoned cats (was thinking of adopting and wanted to see how it would work out, ssshhh i know i said i wouldn't own a cat but that's besides the point lol i'm a softie ok) well the cat was front declawed (we didnt' do it when it was abandoned by the way the owners had it done before abandoning it) and the cat wacked chiwi pretty hard in her face and from that moment on she's been scared of cats.
Aww - how sweet is that? Gadget seems to like everybody - you must be so proud of him. Cute pics.
Gadget has turned into a real little man, hasn't he? Still just as cute as a button, of course. I guess nobody told him he's not supposed to be friends with kitties. :wink:
Gadget is such a gracious host....too cute !
great pictures im glad gadget gets a long with the cat
Sounds like that had a ton of fun playing together!!
Great photos. :D Glad you wer able to finally get your camera!!
How fun! Gadget will be wanting to invite them over more often. :D
the cats come over every day.. and Gadget goes over there almost everyday.. they love eachother.. it is funny because he doesn't like all dogs but he loves those cats..

they willl play for hours like that... I am just happy that he has play mates that he likes and isn't afraid of...

infact the cats will come over and stand at the screen door and meow to let Gadget know they are here to play...
Always love seeing pics of Gadget, he's so ultra cute. Love cats and kittens too, so think your pics are great. :lol:
Awww gadget...what a nice friendly boy you are :)
AHHHHHHHHHH how cute!!!

Dori I have noticed that Gadgets ears have been down for a while? Is he teething? The heat? Not feeling good? :dontknow:
Now, who said that cats and dogs can't be friends?! :wink: That is so cute!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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