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Dirty Boy

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So Willie decided a dust bath would be great fun today, and bolted around the yard at 100mph kicking up dust.
Normally he is a beautiful, glossy black.
Well then the little bugger jumped in my seat, like the King and got my chair filthy too.

So after his bath, it was bolt around the house time. Anyone else's dogs do that after a bath? He goes ballistic, and really looks like he's enjoying himself too...LOL it's so cute!
I think the towel-drying makes him crazy

This is after the bath, and after his racing around, he just wanted to snuggle with his Mama...I can't even say how much this guy has brightened my life....But if you already are owned by a chi, you know...If you're still looking for one, you'll soon find out ;)

Love Stacy
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aww! what a sweet post! I can tell you love him very much :) And we can all see he has eyes for mummy! Gorgeous little man! and you're baby in the background's a cutie pie too :D
what a cutie - yeah after a bathy mine run round like maddens lol :lol: rubbing on anything :D
Wow he really is a beautiful boy! :shock:

Yes mine also go mad...they choose the laura ashley cushions though! My mum is not to pleased!
Aw he is so handsome!!!! Glad he is all cleaned up :D
yeah mine do that too :D after a bath or swimming they go ballistic and do mega zoomies and roll-overs :D

kisses nat
lol aw he reminds me of pig pen from the peanuts gang all covered in dust lol! then you can see how really shiney his coat is. and what a cute baby in the background!
Thanks for all the kind words! :D I have such a hard time getting a decent picture of him. He doesn't sit still long enough lol. My digital camera has a horrible delay so I usually catch him mid-blink or standing at a bad angle. When I bring him outside for the natural lighting it's so bright his eyes tear up or he squints. Or he's sniffing, or hiking his leg on a tree (blade of grass, rock etc) Indoors the lighting is never bright enough, yet my cam. flash is too bright and I get glowing eyes or the color looks off.
The other problem is when we're inside he's always trying to sit on my lap or sitting with the kids, that horrid dog LOL Listen to me whining! I am lucky and I know it, I suppose it just captures his true personality :D

Thanks for the nice words on my daughter too. 18 months old and not a scrap o'hair on her head- and only 2 teeth :D Her big brother torment her to no end :roll:
Going to look at all the other beautiful chis on here see ya soon!

Love Stacy
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He is a handsome lil fella!! :D :D :D

Yea, I know about the camera delay...I always get Gizmo mid pose...LOL...or with his eyes closed...ugh...
what a sweet story , great looking lad you have there his eyes are amazing :)
What a cutie :) . He does have a beautiful shinny coat. My two girls do the same thing after a bath they zoom all over the place. :D
Your Chi is just adorable!! I love to watch mine go "Zoomie crazy" right after their baths!! They are the gratest!! Love your little baby girl too! :D

Fizzy, I hadn't mentioned earlier, but my mother-in-law has a parti pom who looks similar to your Fizzy...the cute part is her name is Fizzy :shock:

I'll tell my boy how handsome you all think he

Love Stacy
wow he's gorgeous! great pics! i enjoyed them!
Ha, what a cute pic.... After I give Mia a bath she runs all ove the house sliding on the's very funny!
He's so cute! He does look dusty in the first picture! :lol:
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