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Dislocated Eye

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Yesterday was a horrible day. I was getting ready to take my daughter to work at about 6:45 am, the dogs were all doing their normal stuff. My daughter's Dachshund, Otto and her Chihuahua, Rico were playing on the couch when I heard a horrible screech and found poor Rico with his eye dislocated and Otto trying to lick him and comfort him. It freaked me out because I know it is an emergency and where I live there are NO emergency vets. My daughter has to call her vet and the soonest he could be seen was 8 am. To make the long story short, they had to put him under anesthesia and replace the eye and suture the lid shut for3 weeks. We have meds for him to take orally and to be put in his eye (the left the tiniest bit in the corner open so he could have his drops and ointment) and we go back in 3 weeks to see if he will retain sight in the eye or if he will even be able to keep the eye. It ticks me off that he had to wait for over an hour to be seen because none of the vet clinics in this area provide after hours care. Oh, and to add insult to injury, while he was under for his eye they went ahead and neutered him! :toothy8: The poor baby has "the cone of shame" and he hates it and he is totally miserable.
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Glad to hear he is doing so well...Susans suggestion should help a lot...I have had to do that in the past with my two..but after years of drops and ointment they just let me apply them and then off they go :D
Awww, I'm so sorry this happen to your fellow. I'm also sorry to hear it is so hard to get his treatment in his eye. Maybe Sue's suggestion to wrap him in a towel will help. I sure hope he will get better really quickly. Big hugs to him!!! :)
This is how he looks this evening, 4 days since he was injured. Quite an improvement! He has a glint in his eye and is formulating some kind of plan . . . It is so nice to have the little brat back to normal.;) I appreciate all the support and advice and Rico and I will keep you all posted on how his recovery progresses, but so far, so good I am pleased to say.
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Two weeks into his recovery Rico is doing very well, he has adapted the cone and has been behaving completely normally. Also, I do believe that he can see a little bit out through the sutures or the opening at the corner of his injured eye because he seems to be tracking with the eye and following motion, and several other people have commented on this so I hope it bodes well for him retaining sight in that eye. :hello1:
That's so good to hear!! I hope when the stitches come out, the eye will be as good as new. One more week to go! How is he now with the eye medicine? My old man is so used to getting his eye ointment, he comes to me each morning to ask for it. lol
Aw, that is good news! I can't wait to see if his vision is okay, but I agree that the signs are making it look good :)
OMG I didn't realise that was possible! I need to read more. I am glad things are better and a speedy recovery! Poor little one..
That is fantastic news!
Good luck! sounds like he is doing well! Keep us posted!

Brody is blind in one eye. A birth defect, he has no myelin sheath around the optic nerve in the left eye so its not 'connected' to his brain for vision. But he does just great with one sighted eye! Don't lose hope! Even if he does lose his sight in one eye, he will still live a normal life. :)
I'm so happy to read your update, it's wonderful. I hope it only gets better from here on.
UPDATE!!!!!!! Rico had his stitches removed today and (....drumroll please....) he can see out of the injured eye!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! He does have a small corneal ulcer on the eye and has more ointment to be put in 4 times a day and some more oral antibiotic, but he is done with the cone and so happy to be back to his normal self. He goes back in a week so his doctor can stain the eye and see if the ulcer is healing well. He is one lucky pup!
Oh that is amazing news! Little baby Rico! :daisy:

How exciting! Thank goodness. Give him a big kiss on the nose from me please. :)
That is such wonderful news! I am so happy he is doing much better!
So glad to hear all is almost well, but mainly that he can see!! The other will hopefully also heal and he will truly be good as new! Lulu and Gidget send cheers!
I am so happy to hear that he still has sight in that eye!!! What a relief. I hope he continues to improve.
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