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disney store

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iv just been there and brought really cute teds for my babies they are all the disney characters and have all been reduced to a pound each i got bambi,pluto,donald and his g/f, and tigger dressed up they are just the rite size for a chi to play with and carry around perfect!
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i went in there the other day to buy a snow golbe as a present for someone and i saw a pink bathrobe with a small picture of a disney character, (cant remember who) ive been looking for a pink bathrobe for ages and would have bought it but it was a 10-12 and they didnt have a 12-14 ( i would of asked the sales assistants if they had more but they didnt look too friendly; odd since it was the disney store!)
awww iv got a disney dressing gown mines red with pooh on lol
sounds cute !! i have that piggy from winnie the pooh for my doggies :D
i got it from laundry softener :D

kisses nat
awwww my dogs love teddys they all big babies iv got a box of bits im getting for ruby so iv just added them!
I love the Disney store, I just wish my local one had more things in it! :?
chihuahua-lady said:
awww iv got a disney dressing gown mines red with pooh on lol
i have that - it was actually my sisters but she give it to me :wink:
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