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Do Chis shed a lot?

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I have heard mixed answers to this question so I thought I'd post this on a board full of Chiuahua people.
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I guess it depends on what you consider alot.
I used to have 2 Rotties. They shed a lot more than the chis. But I tend to brush/comb the chis more.
And I have 4 cats so the only hair I see around my house is cat hair.
Oh, I have 2 long coat chis.
I have a smooth coat chi and 2 long haired chis. I've found that the smooth coat sheds A LOT more than the long haired chis.
I own three Chihuahuas. Two are short coats and one is long-coated. My shortcoats SHED LIKE CRAZY!! "Bruiser" is white and he leaves hair on everything! You can not wear anything black and pick him up! He has a very healthy coat of hair, but man does he shed!! :D

mine is short hair and she sheds a good amount even though i brush her every other day. plus she is white so i need like a lint roller when i wear black! i have a samoyed too (sort of a husky type dog) so compared to her the chi is no problem at all :)
my lad is a long haired ( only 5 months old so not very long)
he used to shed loads as a baby , since i've put him on a better food
he seems in much better condition and not much hair loss at all :D
My babies shed twice a year and hardly anything in between that!
I've just noticed that Mikey is shedding tons right now!!!! Maybe he is shedding his winter coat?
I only have Gadget and he is 9 1/2 weeks old and I haven't seen any shedding yet... We are not sure if he is short or long coat yet, but We think he is going to be long... His mom and Dad are short coats and they shed like crazy.
My longcoat doesn't shed hardly at all. You never notice in on clothes or anything. He did shed a bit when he lost his soft baby fur though.
Tucker is a short-coat and he sheds quite a bit year round. He does have a full, shiney coat, so I'm assuming that the shedding is just normal for him. :)
I have a shortcoat and he does shed but not as much as some breeds i have had. I do brush him good once a week and that helps :lol:
Marcus is a short hair and he shed a little bit last week but that's it.
Nina is a short hair, and supposedly they aren't huge shedders, but whenever I have anything black on, I am covered with teeny tiny fawn colored hairs,lol, so my answer has to be yes.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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