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Do you Dogster?

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Hey everyone! :wave:

I've tried to pay more attention to everyone's siggys while reading posts so that Charley can add pup pals, but I know I've missed a lot!

If you're on dogster, please reply to this post (and put your url if it's not already in your siggy!) so that Charley can find you and add you to his pup pals!

Thanks so much!


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Here are Princess-Ella and Precious-Pearl love to be your pup pals.

Copy and paste url to share Precious-Pearl Longhaired:

Copy and paste url to share Princess-Ella:
Chico's dogster page is right there under his banner :)
:blob7: Charley sent requests to add everyone so far as pup pals!! (He also gave you all bones too!!)


More pals made, more bones left! :wave:

:wave: Thanks to everyone who left their dogster links! I've been away from my laptop for a couple of days, but I just added everyone else who had left links and gave bones!


Here is Chico's Dogster page. I will doing one for Angelo soon.
Here's Poncho's ... if you to his page, you can access Sasha's too !
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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