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How do they like it? do they enjoy it?

My two maltese dogs are of the same breed, but totally opposite in personality :D

One of them is up to everything, interested in checking the store's products and tiny creatures and wishes that he was taller in height. I am talking about his act when in the pet store, of course.

When in a human-related store, he doesn't show the interest in the products. But can Snowy maltese dogs do nothing? That isn't the thought that a person who knows Snowy dogs well will have.

Crystal maltese dogs are very sweet and peaceful when going shopping.

Last night, I put together this video just before going to bed and just posted it. I thought of sharing it with you. It was taken in the malts' last trip. I should call it [part 1.5], I guess, since [part 1] that I shared of their summer time was all about the two together.

This one features Snowy, mainly. Crystal will appear less because she wasn't as keen as Snowy on checking everything new.

Maltese Dog Shops and Breakdances [Puppy Style]
Video description:
Shorty Snowy went shopping for few toys at one of the pet stores!
At the pet store, he was all curious to everything (as you can see in the video). He knows that the store is related to fluffs and other pets. BUT at the human related store (the music store), he performs a breakdance (maltese style) on the floor. What a goofball!!! This video features him mainly and not so much of Crystal because she was not as keen as he was. I gave him "Shorty" name for this video because you will notice him standing on his hind legs most of the time to check on the tiny creatures who were put in a high level. If I can go into his maltese brain, I am sure I would read: "I wish I was taller to be able to see these creatures".
Crystal believes that Snowy is a NUT CASE!

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